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Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Van Helsing and Carl travel to London to track down Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.

Cast List:
Hugh Jackman - Gabriel Van Helsing (voice)
Robbie Coltrane - Mr. Hyde (voice)
David Wenham - Carl (voice)
Grey DeLisle - First Victim (voice)
Dwight Schultz - Dr. Jekyll (voice)
John Di Maggio - Coachman (voice) (as John DiMaggio)
Scott Mosenson - Palace Guard (voice)
Alun Armstrong - Cardinal Jinette (voice)
Roger Jackson - Drunken Gentleman (voice)
Julia Fletcher - Lady In Waiting (voice)
Tress MacNeille - Queen Victoria (voice)
Tara Strong - Young Victoria (voice)

David's Role:

David played Carl, a monk who was also a genious inventor. His assists Van Helsing in his quest to find Dr. Jeckyll.


Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing) and Robbie Coltrane (Mr. Hyde) played their respective characters in the film.

Hugh was the lead in Australia.


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