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January 2003

23____Began building the site; Added button page (& buttons!); added the "Links" page
24____Added "wallpaper" page and wallpapers; more buttons; added Filmography page (still needs some work...)
25____Added the "quizzes" page
28____Happy Birthday, Elijah Wood! ; added 'Two Towers' captures to the gallery page (from CouncilofElrond.com--which is a really awesome site!); added a 'Biography' page; more pictures in the 'Gallery'
30____Added pictures to the 'Gallery" page and the 'Just David' page
31____Added more links to 'LINKS' PAGE

February 2003

03____New wallpaper added; new page added! FARAMIR--all about my favourite LOTR character

March 2003

02____I haven't been able to update for a long while, but now i have more time, so I'm going to work on "re-vamping" the place
04____I have redone the index of the webpage (no more annoying frames); added my Affiliates page and my Listed page; fixed my links page; added more buttons (of a different size)
07____added tons of new buttons for places I'm listed and a new affiliate Great Scot!
11____2 new affiliates added!; more pictures added to both galleries; added new buttons
14____brand spankin' new layout, whaddaya think??; added an archives page where I can keep up with the mess I've made of this place!
17____Happy St. Patrick's Day 18____I hope your St. Patty's day was splendid! i have 2 new affiliates! [tainted] & Boromir: Son of Denethor. hooray!; i added some more pictures of 'Faramir' to my Faramir page, but these AREN'T David Wenham's 'Faramir', these are an artist's take on the character-- how many more times do you think I could fit the word 'Faramir' in here??
22____added a new affiliate Steel Lily!

April 2003

01____1 new affiliate, B.F.M.E; HERE are some articles on Dave's coming movie Van Helsing, and here is information from comingsoon.net
03____added some sounds to my multimedia section (finally!)
04____added another new sound, another picture (i know, not much today)
17____Happy Birthday to Sean Bean!
22____I'm really awful about changing the 'Picture of the Week' on a weekly basis...It seems to be more like, the 'Picture of the Length of Time It Takes Her to Remember to Change It'. How about that title, eh? In Other News: The 'Two Towers' DVD release is expected August 26th, while the extended version is expected sometime in early-to-mid Novermber! Yeah! More Faramir!
24____I added some more (HILARIOUS) results to my quizzes page; also added more sounds; made some avatars [on the multimedia page]
25____I have 2 new affiliates! Black Tears of a Tortured Heart & Urbanized
27____I joined a Sean Bean TCG, check out my CARDS page to see what I'm talking about. Visit Bean Goodness to see the site.

May 2003

01____Here's a link for some photos of the production of Dave's upcoming movie, Gettin' Square (thanks to the fine people in the davidwenham yahoo group)
18____hello again...all you happy people. I have some great stuff for you! Return of the King pictures and other pictures! I'm also adding some more Faramir sounds. exciting, I know...
22____I have moved my Sean Bean cards, not here anymore! I'm sure you care...

June 2003

07____Happy Birthday to Karl Urban!
09____I haven't updated in a while...no David news really...finally got around to changing the picture again
13____Friday the 13th *cue Twilight Zone music*....heh heh....I found an article online from usatoday.com about the extended cut of The Two Towers. More Faramir and Boromir!! TOGETHER! Here's the link for the article.
27____new layout! i thought it needed one, so here it is

July 2003

25____ok, so I haven't updated in a month (nearly). not much news really. the dvd for better than sex is supposed to be released here in the u.s. next tuesday, july 29th. also, look for the two towers (regular edition) to be in stores august 26th!! now, if i can make it to the extended edition!

August 2003

08____hello, anyone out there anymore?? eh? I was sent to wonderful Dave links (as Faramir) to share with you! One is a page with some great stuff from the Toronto Exhibition on Faramir's costume (HERE) and the other is a WAD os screen caps from the Two Towers (HERE)
12____added a couple of pictures and I updated the filmography page a bit; here are a couple of links for David's TV series, After the Deluge, sent to me by some kind soul on the David Wenham Yahoo! list: The Dream Team, Secret Men's Business, and Info on the soundtrack; I was able to identify some people in one of the pictures in the David + Friends' pictures section, thanks to Ana, who signed my guestbook and told me who they were! Thanks Ana! =)
17____my sis found 2 new pictures from the Two Towers extended preview of Faramir & Boromir, so I'm going to share them with you! You can go to the gallery page or see them HERE and HERE. You can see Boromir better, but I still like them anyway (I DO love Sean Bean, too!)
18____I was sent a link for EVEN MORE Two Towers pictures!! So, I added the 2 Faramir ones that were there. HERE'S THE 1ST and THE 2ND. To see the rest of the caps (including some WONDERFUL Boromir ones!), CLICK HERE.
19____me again...I haven't updated like this in a while!! Everyday there's something new! I was sent yet another link with more great Two Towers screen captures. Many, many new Faramir ones which I have already put up in the gallery section (they say "NEW!" beside them). But here's my favourite one. Also, if you'd like to see the rest of the pictures, CLICK HERE. I received my first "site award" today from sharpe-as-ever.com (see picture below). Exciting! I addded 2 new wallpapers also.
20____I added a new page today for my site award that I'd like to start giving out. The site winner for September is already up. Go ahead and take a look...go to SITE AWARD.
25____TOMORROW! Finally we will get to see the previews with all the new Faramir + Boromir scenes that are going to be added to The Two Towers!

September 2003

06____aren't you glad the Two Towers is finally out?? they are such a tease with all that glorious Faramir and Boromir scenes from the extended version! I want more! NOW!! (he he he) I joined the *newest* official David Wenham fanlisting today (I hope this one sticks around longer than the others--hey, if you ever want to give it up, let me know! I'll happily run it!) It's really lovely, if you're a fan (and I know you are if you have found this site), join HERE.
08____MORE NEW (lovely) PICTURES! I found some (or some were sent my way, rather...) new pictures from the Two Towers extended version of David Wenham & Sean Bean behind the scenes. They are HERE (1), HERE (2), and HERE (3--you'll see Dave in the centre there with Sean, laughing, no less...) (the official link for the rest of the TT pictures. ALSO, a kind soul on the David Wenham YAHOO! list made some screen captures from Russian Doll which are simply adorable. Go HERE to take a look!
09____i came across this link, Ask the Gondor Bros., when I was at the simply lovely Faramir website, There He Came.
11____I have a new affiliate, the Audrey fanlisting
17____a new domain! a new host!! we're going places, people!; I also managed to add an affiliate, the Australian Men fanlisting and some new sounds on the multimedia page
18____I'm working on the gallery today, so PLEASE NOTE...I don't have all the pictures up yet...to see all my pictures, please visit the OLD LINK to see all; [as of 5:30 pm est] I finished the 'Faramir' part of the photo gallery, so check it out! I hope you will like how I have put it together this time!; [10:19 pm] the 'David' pictures are done...
19____the gallery is done! finally....check it out!
20____I know it's a day early, but I put up a nice little 'birthday banner' for our boy...tomorrow he turns 38!!

27____added 2 new affiliates today, the Australian Accent Fanlisting and the Dernhelm fanlisting!

October 2003

04____a link was posted on the David Wenham YAHOO! group for Dave's new movie Gettin' Square'. It's an article with a small picture of his character 'Spitieri' (lose the mullet, man...). There was also a nice picture of Dave near the bottom. Here's the link.
06____updated my site award for the month of October
08____I will be away for 2 weeks...no updates until after October 25. take care everyone!
25____2 new affiliates added! I'm back...Congratulations to Dave with the birth of his daughter, Eliza Jane Wenham. No other news that I know of right now...
28____added some new pictures to the Faramir and David sections; Here's a link for the latest video download from lordoftherings.net about the Battle of Pelennor Fields. I was unable to watch it, but apparently, they talk to David Wenham! Here's another link for an interview from lotr.net with Dave.
31____Happy Halloween! Dave's new movie Gettin' Square was nominated for 14 awards at the Australian Film Institue Awards, including a Best Actor nod for Mr. Wenham. Here's the link.

November 2003

01____added one new picture of David that was sent to me by Claudia (a Dave fan from Italy) and a wallpaper made by Chrissy. Thanks!!
06____there are some lovely screen caps of Dave from the 'Minas Tirith' video (you can watch it on LOTR.net) here's the list.
12____less than a week left until the extended version!! I'm excited...in other news...Dave's new movie Gettin' Square took home 5 awards from the AFI awards, including the Best Actor prize for Mr. Wenham, himself!! Congratulations! By the way, I added 1 new picture of Faramir & Boromir in my 'Faramir' photos section. I've been meaning to add it for a while, but I kept forgetting. Also, if you haven't been to your local bookstore in some time, you might want to go and check out the newest Return of the King: Visual Companion and Weapons and Warfare.
13____to see David's acceptance speech for his Best Actor win, go here. He's quite good!
17____added 1 link; 1 more day!!! Well, not even a WHOLE day left! This is great!
18____saw the extended version today!!! Faramir is so great!! He's like the Faramir from the book. I really like the footage they added for him and Boromir. Check out bean-box.com, she has some terrific screen caps of the Boromir parts, but you can see Faramir in some of the pics! If you are interested in heaering bits of the ROTK soundtrack, you can listen at soundtrack.net. Also, check out Kath's new screencaps of Dave in the flick 'Pure', click here. Very nice! Added a new sound
19____ok, folks, I added NEW SOUNDS from the Two Towers extended version...18 to be exact...there's some David Wenham in there, too, from an interview. SO HERE THEY ARE...go to my gallery page then to the 'Faramir Photos' to see BRAND SPANKIN' NEW screen caps of Faramir from the extended version!! THEY ARE WONDERFUL! Thanks so much to Dana from the bean box for making them for me! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I highly recommend that you visit her site, not just because she made the caps for me, but because it's a really GREAT SITE! If you care, even the slightest bit, for Sean Bean, GO THERE!!!!
23____I have several things that might be of some interest to the Faramir fan...the ROTK soundtrack hits shelves Tuesday. There are several different covers (2-sided, mind you), The one with Denethor HAS FARAMIR on the other side!! If you'd rather order the Special Version and get ALL the 2-sided cards, you can go to the official site and pre-order it. EA Games (the makers of the Return of the King video game) revealed the "secret character" for the new game and it's none other than Faramir! CLICK HERE for info. and screen shots of Faramir fighting. Also, if you are in any store that would possibly sell Newsweek (no matter your party allegiance), pick it up! It has Aragorn on the front and it has a good chunk of ROTK stuff. I have the link for you here.
26____I made some little icons for the 'Return of the King' like the one you see above. To use one, of look at them, please go to my multimedia page.
28____added a new picture to my david photos page and 3 new wallpapers
30____updated my "site award" page for the month of December

December 2003

01____TheOneRing.net has pictures of the cast members from the Return of the King premiere in Wellington, I snatched the David Wenham ones (hehe). Photo 1, Photo 2, and Photo 3. Also added another wallpaper.
02____found 2 more new premiere pictures, Photo 1 and Photo 2. I added these and the others to my photos section; I also have a new affiliate, Eowyn of the Rohirrim.
03____I put up 4 more new photos of Dave, 3 were sent to me by another fan, Thanks Karolina! 1 is another one from the premiere. They are all under my 'david' section on my gallery page.
05____I added 3 screen caps of Faramir from last night's ROTK special which were capped by Rohandove and sent to the sonsofgondor list; I added 2 more pics of Dave from the L.A. Premiere of ROTK in the 'just david' photo section, thank you Judy!!
08____I have a new affiliate! Check out Warriors of Gondor. Beautiful!! A new layout should be coming soon!
09____I found a new interview with David Wenham and his on-screen dad, John Noble. click to read; added 7 premiere pics of Dave (thanks Karolina!!!) and 1 of Faramir & boromir
10____added MORE new pics!! they are mostly under the 'just david' photo section, and there's 1 I scanned from my ROTK soundtrack under the 'Faramir' photo section. Look at these stamps that I received with my soundtrack...they are all the special cards you receive with your soundtrack (fronts and backs).
11____added 3 more pics from the premiere in Berlin (from bagendinn.com) under the 'David' section.
13____I have added a TON of new pictures of Dave from 'Dust', 'The Bank', and 'Better Than Sex'. These are under the 'characters' photo section. I added some more pics of just Dave, as well; check out my newest Boromir & Faramir wallpaper! Added some production stills to my 'Faramir' page.
14____new layout! what do ya think?
15____1 new affiliate, the 'Men of LOTR' fanlisting! Added 1 picture to my 'David' gallery, it's cute!
16____added a bunch of new pictures today! I'm not sure where they are from, my sis got them for me. There are many from 'The Bank' and 'Dust'. Also a couple of 'Faramir' and 'Just David'. Only a couple of hours until ROTK!!! I can hardly wait to go see it!!
17____so, it's finally here!! I can say one thing and not spoil it for anyone...WHERE THE HECK IS ALL THAT FARAMIR??? He was jipped!! All around though: WOW. Wenham Weekly (which I think is PRETTY COOL!) has 2 new nice pics of Dave from the London premiere (I think), which I'd put up here, but I'd like to get permission first, so until then, you can check them out on the site!
18____my site won another award! (see above) from thebattleformiddleearth.net. I added 2 new icons in the multimedia section
19____added 3 new pictures in the 'David' photo section
21____added yet another pic of Dave from the ROTK premiere in my 'David' photo section; here's a link for a very short article on Dave's Van Helsing character, Carl. Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for the newest issues of 'Empire' and 'Entertainment Weekly', I think David is in the 'Empire', but the 'EW' has a lot on Return of the King. OH MY GOSH!!!! A lovely soul on the David Wenham group, SonsofGondor, uploaded 2 FANTASTIC pics of 'Faramir' from the Return of the King!!! One being from the end of the movie....WHICH I LOVE!!! I'm SOOOOO EXCITED! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for it!
24____Merry Christmas (eve) everyone!! I have a new affiliate, the Faramir/Boromir/Denethor relationship fanlisting. On Wenham Weekly there are 2 downloadable videos that someone made of ALL the Faramir parts in Return of the King. They are really fantastic!!! Look under the heading "Faramir in TTT EE(oops;;)" for the links for the 2 videos; I added 3 new icons in my multimedia section, they move!

25____MERRY CHRISTMAS!! For you today I added 2 pics of Faramir from ROTK that I scanned today; I added some sounds from the Crocodile Hunter in the 'multimedia' section; I was sent 2 more saucy pictures of Faramir today. You can go check them out in the faramir photots section. Thanks Eowyn!
26____2 new affiliates, Sufficient Jewel: a Faramir fansite/shrine and Understanding, the fanlisting for the relationship between Faramir & Frodo. Go visit! They are lovely!
27____I got the Art of the Return of the King book and there was a lovely picture of Faramir and Eowyn in the back, so I scanned it in and it's in my 'Faramir Photos' section for you! I also added a scan of the Faramir cover of the ROTK soundtrack; CLICK HERE to purchase your Faramir (ROTK) bookmark from the Tolikien Town Store.
28____updated my award page, have 3 new sites featured for January 2004!
31____Happy New Year everyone!! Today I added a bunch of pictures in my 'In Character' photo section from After the Deluge and Sea Change. Tay @ gryphonsmith.com was kind enough to let me use any of her screen caps. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Here's a link for a full "For Your Consideration" ad that features everyone from the trilogy cast, it's pretty cool!

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