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January 2004

01____the 1st update of the new year!! added some pictures from ROTK (uploaded to SonsofGondor group) and 3 pictures of Dave from the ROTK premiere from LordoftheRings.net
02____Wenham Wonderland won 2 more awards!!! I'm so happy! =) Check them out on 'My Awards' page; Here was a link for some downloads of red carpet interviews, of course, our dear Dave is one you can watch! I know this is a David Wenham site and all, but I HAD to post this little link...The New York Times FULL-PAGE ROTK ad for January 1 was SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!
03____added a tag-board which you see to your left
05____doing a little "housekeeping" around the site, Thanks Angie for letting me know about a dead link on my biography page. You can now see Adam Cullen's prize-winning portrait of David here; I added 2 photos, 1 is in the 'Just David' section and the other is in the 'In Character' section (it's from 'Sea Change'); I also added a "dead link form" under my Contact/Info. page; Here's the ROTK script, or as near to it as I can tell. But it's not just ANY script...it comes with pictures!! They are very small, but there is definitely some Faramir!!!
07____I have a new affiliate, the beautiful Emyn-Arnen.net, it's a Faramir/Eowyn fansite, take a visit!
08____added 1 pic of Dave as 'Audrey' from Moulin Rouge, thanks to Amanda who sent it my way! Hard to believe sometimes it's the same guy!
09____you can watch this video to catch a little Dave interview on the red carpet. He's right after Elijah Wood! Added 10 *new* screen caps of Faramir from ROTK!! Thanks so much to Kath for letting me use them!! Added A TON (and I'm not kidding) of screen caps of Dave from 'Molokai'. You can find them in my 'In Character' photo section; the behind the scenes caps are in the 'Just David' section
11____added several new icons on my 'multimedia' page, thanks to Lorielen and Starbuck92...you'll see...added a new link as well
13____added A TON (that's no exaggeration!) of Faramir caps from Return of the King thanks to Amanda who was SO KIND to cap them for me!! Thanks also to Kath over at mythicdesigns for also capping Faramir from ROTK!! You can find her photos on her page (which I linked on my 'links' page and my 'faramirphotos' page). Such wonderful people!!!! Added some cool animations and wallpapers Amanda also made for the site, which you can find on my 'multimedia', 'link me', and 'wallpaper' pages
14____added a BUNCH more pictures, from 'The Boys' and 'Little Bit of Soul' and many of just Dave with other people (or just Dave); here's a link for a bunch of pictures, many David ones in there, too bad they're watermarked. Still, I added some of them here; added 3 new icons as well
15____added the FIRST EVER (as far as I know!) pic of Dave from his upcoming movie Van Helsing! It's in the 'In Character' photo section, of course. This link from usatoday.com is about some of the actors and their 'farwells' to Lord of the Rings, you will find stuff from David at the very bottom of the article. Thanks to the WONDERFUL people at the SonsofGondor group for passing this stuff along!
17____Some new icons have been added to the multimedia page. Go check 'em out!
16____added 1 icon on 'multimedia' page; Van Helsing trailer, in Quicktime, I heard there's no David, but I can't watch it (*stupid computer*)
18____added some more icons made by Amanda!! Here's a link for some red carpet interviews (2001), Dave's on the list! And here's a link for an older Dave interview (2000), you can listen to it as well. Check them out, thanks to Nihan for the links! See also sent me some David pics I didn't have, 2 under 'Just David' and the rest are in the 'Character' section (3 fromBetter Than Sex and 3 from Gettin' Square).
20____this site hit 20,000 on the counter today!! oh my goodness!!! I can't believe it! I thought 10,000 was awesome! wow. thanks to everyone.
23____we are a year old today! I added a new wallpaper
Thanks to Chrissy for this!
Thanks to Morwen Lomien for these birthday wishes! Wish 1, Wish 2, and Wish 3. Thanks so much!
25____we have a new affiliate! the Return of the King Fanlisting...sorry for the lasck of updates...been really busy, but I promise to get a bunch of new pictures up here soon!
26____added new pics in my 'just david' and 'in character' sections...some under 'Sea Change', 'Russian Doll', and 'After the Deluge'.
27____added 30 screen caps of Dave from 'Dust', i'm going to add some more, probably tomorrow...
28____i added my first sister site (ever!) near the bottom of the page, There's Something About David! By the way, Happy Birthday to Elijah Wood (#23)!
29____Here's a link for New Line's award site for Return of the King. It's all about the Oscars they were nominated for and such. It's pretty cool because you can watch clips from the movie (sadly, no Faramir, but they're still good!); 4 new affiliates: The Frodo, Arwen, Merry and Pippin Fanfiction Fanlistings! I have 3 new award winners for the month of February, check them out on my awards page.
31____added some more pics (character section: 'Crocodile Hunter', 'After the Deluge', 'Russian Doll', 'The Bank', 'Sea Change') and 1 of 'Just David'; have 1 new affilaite, the LOTR Characters Fanlisting! The site also won a 'site of the month' award from A'mael Taren!!

February 2004

02____added a new pic from 'Van Helsing' (thanks Cookie!), the official site VanHelsing.net has been updated recently and contains a lot more on the movie, apparently coming next month you be able to "explore Carl's lab"! Maybe there will be more Dave!!
05____added bunch of new pics! There are 3 new of 'Just David', added some pics from 'Dust' and 'BTS' on character page; Here's a link for a Press Conference transcript that David was a part of with fellow LOTR cast members and director Peter Jackson.
06____Here's a link for a Japanese interview clip with Dave, it's fantastic!! I could listen to him all day...
08____I finally created a forum for this website so you all can post and have more room than just the tag-board! ^^; You will see the link above, or find it here! Enjoy!
09____The site won another award! ^^; The 'Gold Award' from Beyblade's World. Thanks so much!
11____added new pictures to the 'character' gallery, mostly from 'bts' and a couple from 'seachange', 1 from 'basilisk stare', thanks Jo!!
13____check out IntoTheWest.net for info on a pretty cool Oscar party! If I only lived in California! I made a little something for everyone, you see it below. For Valentine's Day ... =) I also have another *sister site*, Sharpe-As-Ever.com!

15____added a ton more screen caps from 'Dust'! whew, I'm pooped!
19____added several new sounds! including the one from which I got my layout bit and some of Billy and Dom 'On David'! I also cleaned up my pics (and links and such) in the 'character' section
22____Wenham Wonderland won another award! yippee!! The 'Best Actor' site award =); I also added a page called 'Fan Artwork' where you can submit your Dave related work, be it poetry or drawings or whatever! Check it out if you have somethings you'd like to share!; also added a 'behind the scenes video' from Crocodile Hunter on the 'multimedia' page; added some fan works!
28____updated the 'featured site' page with some new sites, check them out!

March 2004

02____1 new affiliate, Urban Warrior; added some gifs to the multimedia page; fixing some broken links
04____added a ton of caps from 'Pure', 3 Faramir pics, 2 'Moulin Rouge' pics
08____we have a beautiful new affiliate, ViggoMortensen.us!
09____added a new poem in the 'fan section', check it out!
10____e have another new lovely affiliate, Bean-Box!
12____added 50 new caps from 'Dust' and 1 from Cassie (by way of ebay *winl*) of Carl from 'Van Helsing'. A brand new photo!! Thanks!
13____we have another new affiliate, the Ultimate Faramir Galleries!
14____added a ton of screen caps from 'Russian Doll' made by Jo! And some 'Moulin Rouge' caps made by Karolina! Thanks a lot!! Added a new affiliate, the Orli Bloom Rules group!
17____Happy St. Patty's Day to the lot of ya! I added a crap-load of 'Dust' screen caps! And a couple of new pics of 'Just David' (the last 3 in the big section on that page), and one from 'Basilisk Stare' which is on the 'Character' page. And oh, here's a link for ya!
18____I try to get Dave's fellow LOTR cast-mates birthdays in here, as I can remember, but, Happy Birthday to his Two Towers co-star, Brad Dourif who turns 54 today.
21____Happy Spring! (or Fall, depending on your hemisphere) anyway ... I have many new Dave updates for everyone today! Added some new icons in the 'multimedia' section mde by Intervain; there is a new Van Helsing trailer with some Dave, HERE (requires Quicktime); the March 26th issue of 'Entertainment Weekly' features Van Helsing on the cover, with pic of Dave inside, as Carl (looking rather monkish - hehe); a new article written by Dave (sent to me by another fan), entitled What I'd Do If I Were in Charge; added a link for a Livejournal David mood theme which you can download from the site for your personal livejournal (on 'multimedia' page as well), made by the lovely Lilith; and last, but certainly not least, Louise of the SonsofGondor group informed us, that you will soon be able to purchase the ROTK 5 piece 'Coronation Set' of action figures which features Faramir (YAY!), Eowyn, Aragorn, Arwen, and Eomer! Available in the summer I believe.
29____2 new affiliates! The Daily Digest and Nobility: The Strength of Men
30____put up the 2 new featured sites for the month of April, check them out!

April 2004

05____added another featured site for April on the awards page and added some new caps of Dave from 'Van Helsing'!
06____added a bunch of new 'Bank' screen caps!
07____ok, these interviews are older interviews, but hey, they were new to me! so, maybe they'll be new to you! they are quite cute, he's very modest =) first interview, second interview. Thanks to Sam for these links!
08____added close to 90 new screen caps of Dave from 'Dust'!! Now all of my 'Dust' pics are up! I'm so happy!!
09____we have a new affiliate, The Fellowship of Dominic Monaghan!
15____changed the 'picture of the period' -- I'm slow, yes? haha
17____Happy Birthday to fellow LOTR actor, and on-screen brother, Sean Bean who turns 45 today!
19____added 2 new pictures today, I know what you're thinking, 'only two??', but one is a new one from Van Helsing found in HERE and the other is the screen cap of the drawing of David from the Return of the King end credits, which can be found in HERE under 'Return of the King'. Enjoy!
24____added a new affiliate, Utulien! Beautiful site, check it out!!
26____added about 15 new pictures, most are from 'Gettin' Square' (which i will have tons of screen caps from that film coming very soon!!), added 2 to the 'Van Helsing' page, and 2 in the 'Just David' section. Also, Angela informed me that VanHelsing.net had been updated and they added the 'Carl's Lab' feature, once you enter the site, you can choose the "Carl's Lab" section from the main menu. Sadly, there's but a little picture of Dave sitting in the back, and most of it is just a picture and the description of the weapons he makes for Van Helsing...oh well...it's coming out May 7!! That's not long from now! (at least, it is in the States). Anyway, thanks Angela for the heads up!!
27____ok, so a kind person (thanks JO!) informed me that i had the same 8 thumbnails up for the 'Gettin' Square' interview pics...where has my mind been?? Anyway, I fixed them. Enjoy!; Added 2 new affiliates, Admirable Beauty, a Miranda Otto/Eowyn fansite and The Lords of Gondor, a trading card game; added a ton of 'Boys' screen caps, in fact, that's the rest of what I had; found 2 links (courtesy of Wenham_Weekly) about Dave's latest projects, The Stiff and The Brush-Off: The political intrigue will be televised and An All-Star Line-Up Brings The Murray Whelan Series To The Seven Network
28____I added a TON of screen caps from Gettin' Sqaure, added a couple from After the Deluge, and 2 from Van Helsing; added some info under 'biography' and his theatre credits under 'filmography'
29____a new layout! =) what do ya think??; i also added another poem in the 'fan section'; added a pic in the van helsing gallery, the miscellaneous david gallery, and the awards gallery; an article for you: Aussies give vampire flick a bite (thanks Jo!); here's a link for some 'Van Helsing' trailers, you can see Carl in the one titled "Carl Introduces Weapons to Van Helsing", too cute!
30____I updated the monthly winners for my 'site award', check them out! Also, thanks to Chrissy for the 50,000 thing you see above!

May 2004

01____a fellow David fan informed me that there is an article on Dave in the June issue of the magazine 'Starlog'
04____just in case you are unable to get a copy of the Starlog magazine for yourself, I scanned the article in, you can find it here: PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAGE 3, and PAGE 4. Enjoy! Here's a cute article from the Van Helsing set: Fangs For the Fun, Fellas; I also added pics in several galleries, they are: van helsing, premieres, stiff, the brush-off, sea change, miscellaneous, and molokai
05____I added 3 new pics from the 'Van Helsing' premiere, they are in HERE
06____added 7 new Carl pics to the 'Van Helsing' gallery, thanks Angela!! David Wenham talks about Van Helsing, a short interview from the premiere; added 2 new affiliates today, Tyelca: The Faramir & Gandalf Fanlisting and Wenham Online!
07____added a new pic of Dave from the 'Van Helsing' premiere (which is out NOW!), in HERE
11____added a new affiliate, Talented: a Harry Sinclair fansite! Also, even though I'm like, the last person to see it, this site was mentioned in an article about David and info on the web. Here's the article as was posted on the tag board by Chris and also sent to me (being the first place i saw it!) by Kim! I'm just like, 'WOW' ... i can't believe it! HA HA!
16____today I added 2 new affiliates, The Craig Parker Directory and Fearless: a 'Van Helsing' site; here's a link for you: On The Verge; and I added pictures to the 'premiere', 'sea change', and 'awards' galleries
20____I added 2 wallpapers made by Laura to the fan centre! check them out!
22____I stumbled across the Carl fanlisting today (thanks Chrissy !), and it's brilliant! I know you are all Carl fans so join it. =) Just a Friar. Not really a site update, but I'm just spreadin' the love! another update ... it's also my newest affiliate! yay!!
24____Don't forget! Tomorrow is the release of 'Return of the King' to DVD and video! I know many will wait for the extended version, and I know many, like myself, can't wait and will pick it up tomorrow!! =)
27____Hope you all have your copies of 'Return of the King'! Today I added a new video on the multimedia page and a new affiliate, a Paul Norell fansite

June 2004

01____I added a couple of new animations; some new pictures (magazine photos, misc. photos, the bank, premieres, gettin' square); put up the sites that will be featured for the month of June
16____I added a new link today to the links page, a new piece of art to the 'fan centre', and a couple of affiliates
18____added a couple of icons on the multimedia page and some links for some articles and the 'After the Deluge' fanlisting!
19____added a couple more icons on the multimedia page
21____added a new wallpaper and a new icon!
23____Today I added a crapload of pics and I'm still working on getting some in! I know you will enjoy them. You can find them in the 'Stiff', 'Better Than Sex', premieres, and miscellaneous galleries; I added a couple of links to the links page. One internet link and a couple of scanned magazine articles; we also have a new affiliate today, Boyd, Oh Boyd!
30____I added a bunch of stuff today! Check out the multimedia page for the 1st David puzzle and some new icons donated to the site; I added some more pics to the 'Better Than Sex' gallery, the miscellaneous gallery, the magazine section, and I added a gallery for 'Idiot Box'. I posted a new piece of fan artwork in the fan center; check out the projects page for the first fan reviews that have been posted!

July 2004

01____Well, it's already July, hard to believe! Happy Canada day to all you Canadians out there ... today I added 7 more puzzles to the multimedia page! Knock yourself out!
14____I apologise for the lack of updates! Today I added a couple of new pics to the misc. gallery, 1 to the premiere gallery, and I added a gallery for 'No Escape' (thanks Jo!); I added some new icons to the multimedia page and a wallpaper to the 'wallpapers' page; I added 2 new affiliates, as well, "Window to the West": the Forbidden Pool fanlisting and ArwenEvenstar.com; also! if you happen to be in the San Diego area (you lucky thing, you) on July 23rd, you can perhaps catch our dear Dave at ComicCon!! here's your article (scroll down to near the bottom 5:30-7:30 New Line Cinema) and read! Thanks goes to Marciana for sending the link. 23____brand spankin' new layout! huzzah! I hope you all like it, 'cause I'm diggin' it. haha...anyway, I added 1 new affiliate today, a Veritable Cornucopia of Talent, the Carl & Van Helsing relationship fanlisting; added several new buttons, too. Also, I have added a icons and a fun page, so if you go looking for the icons and the puzzles and stuff, they aren't on the multimedia page anymor; I also added 3 new pics to the Van Helsing gallery (thanks Laura!) and 3 to the premier page from the Fahrenheit 9/11 premiere he attended
25____here's a link for all you LOTR fans that are hungry for the extended edition of Return of the King to surface! There's a video you can download and some caps of certain scenes. Mind you, this video is something like "home video" material (nothing official), but it's still awesome!! Also I changed a bit of the info on the contact page (thanks Nancy!); I also added 6 photos from ComicCon to the press gallery that are from sideshowtoy.com. Daisy AND Billy in the SAME picture?? mmm...hehe

August 2004

01____today I added 2 new affiliates, Forever Lord of the Rings and arwen-undomiel.com; updated the August "site award" winners, there are three for the month! check them out!; I also added 2 new fan reviews for 'Cosi' and 'No Escape'
04____I added another new affiliate today, The Bloom Room; I also added two new art entries to the 'fan centre'; here's another link for what all is going to be in the ROTK:EE; I'm in the process of adding more pics to some galleries, so I hope to get those up today or tomorrow!
10____I added some new pictures to the site today in the 'Van Helsing' (thanks Marciana!), 'press', 'premieres', some interview caps in the 'Dust' gallery, a new one to the 'theatre', and the 'awards' gallery pages; added some new linking buttons made by the lovely Simsea and 2 new pieces of fan art to the 'fan center' section!
18____I added a a new affiliate today, Les Havres Gris, which translated (roughly, by me) is 'The Grey Harbours/Havens'. I added two new galleries today for 'Poor Man's Orange' and 'The Heroes' and I added pics to the magazine gallery and the premiere gallery.
23____I added another new affiliate today, Elijah Wonderland!
26____CraigParker.de is the newest affiliate added today to Wenham-Wonderland! I also put up the newest winners for September's 'Wenham Wonderful' award. Check them out!

September 2004

05____Today I added a couple of pictures to the awards gallery and I added some new artwork to the fan centre!

19____I didn't get as much added as I wanted to (or as I needed to...haha), but I did add photos to the following galleries: premieres, miscellaneous, and press conference. I also add a new wallpaper, it looks like two, but one is without brushes and one is with brushes, so you have a choice. And in honour of Dave's 39th birthday, which is on Tuesday (but I won't get a chance to update before then), I added the little banner you see above! Happy [early] to birthday, Dave!
22____Well, another year for Dave has come and gone. Not that I truly expect him to read this at all, but I hope it was a splendid one. I have some more updates today, consisting mostly of more pictures! woohoo!! First of all, there's a new gallery for the movie, Babies (thanks Monica!), so check that out. Otherwise, every other picture added is in an old gallery, of which we never tire... theatre gallery, press conference gallery, premiere gallery, and the miscellany gallery. I also added another new wallpaper today! I got a little brush happy, but hopefully it turned out ok. Oh yeah! and happy birthday Frodo. hehe...
30____I don't have much of an update at all today, just one solitary picture, BUT it is a pic of Faramir from the extended version of Return of the King! Which as I'm sure you know by now, comes out on December 14th, I can hardly wait!! Well, anyway, the picture can be found in the newly created ROTK EE gallery, since I'm sure I should have more pictures one day! To see more promo pics from the extended edition of some of the other characters, go HERE.

October 2004

03____If you were wondering what Dave might be up to in the coming year, THIS might answer your questions! (thanks to the forum folks for the link) AND Dave was also nominated for another AFI award for his performance as Murray Whelan in the Australian tele-movie, "The Brush-Off". Care to read more?
06____I added two new Faramir puzzles to the fun page. Enjoy!
17____Maybe this is old news, but in case you haven't seen it yet, lordoftherings.net has a new clip for the extended edition out where you can see a little 'Houses of the Healing' Faramir! GO HERE for the video. I capped what little bit there was of Faramir and you can see it in my ROTK Extended gallery. They are kinda small, but still of good quality! In Hawaii?? Check out the Hawaii International Film Fesitval where David is to be a juror!
19____I hope everyone has picked up their copies of 'Van Helsing' to get your Carl fix! hehe...It's out in stores today! I added some more (bigger) screen caps of the ROTK:EE trailer to the gallery. I'm sorry they're links, but it's the best I could do at the moment. Not to worry, I am trying to work out my problems. ;) Enjoy!
20____Here's wishing the happiest of birthdays to the King...that is David's LOTR co-star, Viggo Mortensen. He turns 46 today.
22____We have a new affiliate today in the Orli Bloom Wish List!
26____I added a new drawing to the Fan Centre today and I changed the 'picture of the moment'.
28____I added some more new photos of Faramir and Eowyn in the Houses of Healing to the ROTK extended gallery today. You can find more photos from this coming edition HERE and it's quite exciting! Only makes it harder and harder to keep waiting!!
30____Woohoo!! Updates, yeah!! I added a bunch of new pictures today, mostly from the most recent event that Dave took part in as the one of the judges at the Hawai'i International Film Festival! You can find all those pictures (plus the other additions) in the miscellaneous gallery. But it's not the only one I added pictures to, oh no...you will find new additions in the award ceremonies gallery, the interviews gallery, and one in the premiere gallery. I also fixed the links in my ROTK extended gallery (yay for thumbnails!). Care to do a little reading on the Hawai'i festival? I have two articles for you: Wenham in Hawai'i for fun, film festival, HIFF judge arrives still exhilarated from "Molokai" and "Rings" projects (thanks Kim!). And happy (almost) Halloween!

November 2004

01____Happy November everybody! hehe...I put up the winner's for the site award today, you can check them out, if you wish, here.
04____I'm pleased to add that 'Wenham Wonderland' is the 'Site of the Month' at Alqulonde! =)
11____Another wonderful Wenham fan pointed me in the direction of this ebay auction where you can win a signed poster print of Adam Cullen's 2000 Archibald Prize winning portrait of David, personalised (to you!!) and with a letter from David himself. The money made will benefit the church that Mr. Wenham supports, The Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross, Sydney. Check that out if you are interested! (Thanks Kelly!) Also, I made and added four new puzzles to the fun page!
26____I added some links for a magazine article scanned in by Jo, you can find them on page one, page two, and page three!
27____For all the fans out there *EAGERLY* awaiting the release of the Return of the King extended version, on Monday, we will all be able to view a six-minute long trailer for this extended edition exclusively at lordoftherings.net! For anymore info you might need, you can visit TORN.
30____Make sure you have checked out the 6-minute trailer for the ROTK:EE! You can find a link at lordoftherings.net, but if you'd like a bigger version, please go HERE. Also, at UGO.com you can view an exclusive video with David Wenham and Billy Boyd that is part of the site's "LOTR Week". You can view that HERE! Don't forget to check out December's winner for the site award!

December 2004

01____Well, gang, it's December...and you know what that means!! Not long now until ROTK:EE is released! Ah yes, well, anyway...thought I'd put up the new layout I've been working on for a little while! Also added another affiliate, Elvish-Tears.net.
02____I added one new affiliate and a new sister site in Carnė …dain!
10____If you are in Europe, I hope you are enjoying your newly bought ROTK:EE!! You lucky people, you...I added some pictures to three different galleries, the ROTK extended, premieres, and the miscellaneous gallery! ALSO, I finally added caps from 15 'Sea Change' episodes (thank you, Monica!!!), caps from 'Tran the Man' (thank you Jo!!!), and the rest of my 'Van Helsing' caps (thank you Dana!!!).
11____Today I added a gallery for Cosi (thanks Jo!) and added some more caps from the ROTK costume galleries, which you can find HERE! Also, I just added some new David photoshop brushes that you can download from the site and use! You can find them on the fun page!
15____Alright, all you North Americans, I hope you've seen the final installment of the trilogy! If not, what are you waiting for? Christmas? hehe ... of course! Today I added some behind the scenes shots of David that were taken on the day of his last Faramir shoot. How sad!! You can view them on the ROTK:EE page! I also added a new affiliate, Joel Edgerton Online!
29____I added some new scans today to the magazine section page, big thanks to Jo!! I have some more pictures from behind-the-scenes stuff, which I should be putting up sometime in the next day or so. =)
31____Well, it's the last day of the year! Hard to believe, eh? Seems to have gone by so fast ... I promised I would add some more pictures, and I have done it! Most of them are from interviews on the extra discs from the extended Return of the King, and you can find them on the interviews gallery page! I also added four pictures to the 'behind-the-scenes' section of the Two Towers extended gallery. I found out the other day that the website has it's very own fanlisting!! How freakin' cool is that?? Ok, so it's just a little bit of shameless plugging...lol. But I guess it just makes me proud and happy. =D Thank you Simsea! You can view the fanlisting, HERE. Well, anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza or whatever you celebrate!! And I hope you all have a safe and prosperous new year!! More Daisy in '05! ;)

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