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January 2005

03____Good day everyone! I added two new wallpapers today made by a fan, Peregrin Took!
10____I added one new affiliate today in Eccentricity, a brilliant Ewan McGregor website that you should all visit (if you're a fan, of course)!
17____I added two new affiliates today, The Corner of Bean, a Sean Bean fansite and Hollow, a Dracula [of Van Helsing] fansite. I also added a couple of collages to the Fan Art page. Another Wenham fan pointed out the Faramir shirt you can buy from hot-topic.com, and you can find it HERE. It's a pretty nifty shirt!!
20____Wenham-wonderland.net has won several awards from Carnė …dain! Thank you very much!! And on Sunday, w-w.net will be TWO YEARS old!! I'm very excited. ^^;
23____Today I added another drawing to the fan section and wenham-wonderland.net is 2 years old today!! Thanks so much to Adriana for the banner you see below!! ^^; From Chrissy. Thankies!!
27____Happy [belated] Australia day!! I added another new affiliate today in the lovely starDOM, a Dominic Monaghan fansite.

29____I usually try to get in some birthday wishes for Dave's fellow Rings stars, so a belated Happy Birthday wish to Orlando Bloom (I think it was the 13th...lol) and Elijah Wood (it was yesterday). =)

February 2005

06____Just wanted to say 'hi', let you know I'm still hanging around...waiting...for Dave! No brand new news, I have some ROTK caps which I need to get up here. Maybe I will add them this week!
07____Here's an article on Dave's choices in the roles he takes: In Slow Motion, short and worth the read (as always!!). I made a new Boromir & Faramir wallpaper which I added to the desktop page. I hope you enjoy it! And to top things off, I added a bunch of new pictures today! Most of them are caps from the extended Return of the King which are HERE, and I also added some to the premiere, interviews, awards, magazine, and miscellaneous galleries! Enjoy the loveliness!!
09____Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate! ^^; Also, thanks to Alatariel at Corner of Bean for the banner below!

10____Today I added a bunch of new screen caps to the ROTK extended gallery for your viewing pleasure and I re-did most of the ones in the ROTK gallery (the theatrical version). I'm still working on capping the second disc of the extended version, so look for those soon!
11____It's not a huge deal, but I added a new guestmap over there to the right, as my old one was filled up! I didn't want to lose any of the lovely entries, so I started another one. =D
12____Got a new article for you on Cyrano de Bergerac, it's not long, but the picture that comes with it ... PRICELESS!! You must view it HERE, "Nice snorkel, Diver Dan".
13____I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow, but I won't get a chance to post this!

14____I have two more Cyrano related articles for you! The Bulging artifice of a well-versed romantic and also the main story at BroadwayAustralia.com! I also added two affiliates, True Love and aerendil evenstar.
25____I have a couple of interesting reads for you on the play David has been currently working on, Cyrano De Bergerac. They're mostly reviews, but they are glowing! It takes more than a grotesquely large..., Cyrano De Bergerac, and Nose For a Compelling Romance. And a little short thing on David's soon to be released 'Three Dollars'. Also happy 34th birthday to David's Rings co-star Sean Astin! I finally finished adding all the ROTK re-caps HERE and added the last of the caps from the extended version. I also added some new pictures to the magazine gallery, misc. gallery, and premiere gallery, along with several pictures in the theatre gallery from Cyrano. And I added a new gallery for 'Three Dollars'. 26____I am pleased to say that W-W.net is the February 'site of the month' at Urbanism! This is a really great Karl Urban site which you should visit!! =) Also I added one new wallpaper. Thank you to Stacey for her scans from the 'Melbourne' magazine shoot which you can find in the magazine gallery!
28____I know this has nothing to do with Daisy...well, not exactly...but just wanted to give a congratulations to David's LOTR co-star and fellow Aussie, Cate Blanchett on her Oscar win!

March 2005

15____After sitting down and watching The Brush-Off today, I felt it was time for a nice little update, so here goes! With Cyrano in full swing, the favourable reviews are still coming in! Ah Love! Sigh! Passion! Swoon!, Alison Croggon - Cyrano de Bergerac, Cyrano Editorial, and Big hats and noses means big laughs. Thanks to Angela and Kate for some of those. I added some new pictures to the 'Three Dollars' gallery and one picture to the premiere and misc. galleries. Also, I added caps from all of Stiff to an extension of my >Stiff gallery. They were all provided by Jo. Thank you very much!! I also added a shop page that I hope will be of some use in your quest to buy David stuff online!
16____I have some more gallery updates for you today! Jo was wonderful and capped the trailer from Three Dollars and you can find them, HERE. Also, I capped all of Crocodile Hunter and part of The Brush-Off today. Crocodile caps are found HERE and Brush-Off HERE. The offical Three Dollars site has also been opened, ThreeDollars.net. You can view the trailer there, download some nice wallpapers, and learn more about the movie!
26____I added a new poem to the fan art page. Check it out! And also, thanks to Simsea for the wonderful banner you see below! 100,000 hits is AMAZING and some place I NEVER expected to be!!! Thanks to everyone who has visited...and again...and again... =)

April 2005

06____Check out the fan art page where I added another fan-made wallpaper. I also added a new wallpaper to the wallpapers page. Also, thanks to Angela for the picture of David in 'Cyrano' rehearsals that you will find on the theatre gallery page.
17___I added some pictures to the premiere gallery from the world premiere of Three Dollars that took place in Sydney last week. You can also find some new pics in the misc. section and a new one in the mags gallery! I also have a couple of newer articles (they may not be new anymore, as I seem to be slow in getting things up anymore): Stars cheer their teams, David Wenham: ABC Perth, and The human consequences of economic rationalism. Don't forget, Three Dollars opens Thursday (AUS)! Read a few one-liner reviews. And the happiest of birthdays to Sean Bean, Dave's LOTR co-star, who turns 46 today. ;)
23____I have some articles for you, a couple of Three Dollars reviews which are all very good! OptusNet Movies: Three Dollars, The Blurb: A Few Dollars More, and X-Press Online: Three Dollars. They have been added to the links page along with some articles that were scanned in by Monica (thank you so much!!). Also, in several of the galleries, you will find new pictures. At least, they are new to the site, maybe not so new in the actual date. Awards, Magazine, Misc., Premiere, and Press photo galleries all have new stuff. Enjoy!! [EDIT] Made one wallpaper today and added that to the wallpapers page.
27____Just letting everyone know, I am trying to switch servers so the site may be down for a day or so, hopefully no longer! Thanks!

May 2005

07____If you haven't noticed already, things may or may not be working throughout the site, but I am working very hard to fix that, so please just be patient with me! =) Also, I know it's a huge gasp, but the gallery will be down at first...I didn't want to have to do it, but I really didn't have a choice since I had to move the ENTIRE site myself. *blah* In the meantime, here's a radio interview for you in two parts. Some really fascinating stuff there near the end of the second part... *evil laugh*
15____Ok!! It's back!! The gallery has been restored. I know you're sooo excited. ;) I haven't had a chance to put back EVERY SINGLE LAST picture, but I can assure you, I am definitely working on it! Three discs later, you start to realise how daft you are for having your David pictures all over the place...Well, anyway, I don't have a spiffy layout for it yet, but the pictures are HERE and in better order, too!! Enjoy!
28____I know, long time, no update...so sorry...I have added some new pictures to the gallery today! Most are in the magazine section, scans from the lovely Monica, added a couple to the miscellaneous gallery from a radio show David did, and three different photos from the 'Three Dollars' premiere. Enjoy!
29____Have some news from the Sydney Morning Herald, courtesy of Monica!!, [direct quote] "David Wenham will star in a three-part ABC miniseries, Answered by Fire, about the 1999 referendum in East Timor and its aftermath. Wenham plays a policeman who volunteers for the UN mission. It is the first drama co-production between the ABC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and will co-star Canadian actor Isabelle Blais. It will be directed by Jessica Hobbs (Love My Way). Shooting begins in south-east Queensland next month and it will air next year." So, another project for the David!
If you happen to live in the States and get the 'Animal Planet' channel, check it out Sunday June 5th, because they are going to be showing Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course...the Dave parts are very worth the viewing if you haven't seen it! Check out other viewings... Also, happy belated birthdays to some of England's finest, and David's LOTR co-stars, Ian McKellan and Christoper Lee.

June 2005

03____I finally found many of the missing pictures from the gallery, so I've been working on re-adding them! Caps have been added to the Dust, Gettin' Square, Pure, and Russian Doll galleries. More to come!
07____I added a few caps of David on the Australian morning show, Mornings with Kerri Anne, HERE< and 2 lovely scans in the magazine section.
18____I'm sure you guys have noticed by now, but the gallery seems to be acting really funky. I sure hope it's not only my computer, but anyway, I'm trying to see what the devil is going on, so thank you for your patience!
20____Ahhh...there's nothing like actually being able to get in your gallery and fix things!! I was able to do this (finally) tonight...I finished adding the last remaining caps to the Crocodile Hunter gallery, as well as adding some scans (thanks Monica!) to the magazine section and some 'misc.' pics like these:

which you can find HERE! Also, just so you know, all the icons are working again! YAY!

July 2005

01____I'm sure some/many of you noticed that the site was down for a day (a couple of days? I'm not really sure), but as you can see, it has been fixed, so everything should be alright now. So sorry about that!! I was on vacation and was unable to do anything about it right away...anyway, I added one new affiliate today, EwanMcGregor.net, a lovely Ewan website! Also, happy Canada day to all the Canadian fans!!
02____Added one fan picture of Carl to the fan art page!
04____Happy Independence day to all the American fans!!
16____Added some more pictures tonight to the misc. gallery (mostly LARGE versions of those black-and-whites you see below), I added 3 scans to the magazine section (thanks Monica!), here's a quick look:

August 2005

06____Happy August! No new David news...blast!...but I did add some really lovely fan sketches to the Fan Centre (by Stormcrow), which I think you should check out! Also, there is finally a new site featured on the Wenham Wonderful award page. Hasn't been one since the year began! Which makes a part of me say go ahead and close that sucker down, but I won't just yet. Check them out!

September 2005

12____Well, it's been a while hasn't it? Wish I had some new stuff for ya! The site has two new affiliates, neither Dave-related really, but they are run by some lovely people, isn't that all you need? hehe... HaydenChristensenDrive.com and Horrified.
21____Just wanted to send out a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our man, David, as today he reaches the big 4-O!! I haven't had a chance to make a little banner (which I will do)...here's to 40 more, Dave!! ^^;

30____I was sent a link today for the site for David's upcoming movie, The Proposition, and there's not a LOT of stuff on it, but you can at least view a trailer (in which David has some face and voice time) and read a synopsis of the movie. The link: CLICK HERE. Here are some pictures I capped from the trailer and one from the gallery on the site: Proposition Gallery.

October 2005

13____Added some new pics and caps to the gallery today, which I think you will enjoy, especially the ones from 'A Country Practise'! He was SO young! Also, added caps from his narration bits in 'Silent Flood'. There are some new pics in the 'Van Helsing' Japanese premiere section, the misc. section, and one LOTR premiere photo. with Cate Blanchett. ENJOY!

November 2005

02____I added one new affiliate today, The Crownless Again Shall Be King, please check it out! I also removed the tag-board...there were just TOO many pop-ups and lately it's been nothing but spammed. I know some people like it and I hated to delete it, but I think it's better in the long run. I may find another one to use in the future (maybe something with less ad crap)!! Also, don't know a whole lot about one of David's newer movies, 300, but I was sent this little blurb (thanks Tracey!)
12____Added two more new affilites, Ethereal Fantasies, a really nice forum for things LOTR and Theron Web, a lovely German site for Charlize Theron. Please check 'em out!

December 2005

25____HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL! Hope you all have a fantastic holiday and new year! I added a scan from Australia's Women's Weekly, thanks to EJ (on the forum) for the scan! PAGE 1 & PAGE 2

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