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January 2006

04____Added one new affiliate (I should have added a long time ago!), Aragorn Online! HAPPY NEW YEAR as well!! Hope you all had a nice one!
07____Hi all! After having that old layout for over a year now, I thought it was high time we had a new one! You know, freshen things up a bit. I hope you all like it. You also see two new bits to the left there, the "upcoming" section where I will try to keep up with Daisy's upcoming projects and there's a new tagboard, hopefully one without pop-ups!! So tag 'til yer heart's content!
16____Good day all! This weekend I added a TON of photos and caps to the gallery which I hope you will enjoy. Some are old caps which I hadn't added to this new gallery, they were still hanging out in the old photobucket I used! Cosi, Van Helsing, and Tran the Man were such. One of the gallery users added some of the 'Cosi' caps, I added the rest, and they also added some caps from Molokai. Thanks Ayla! I added a couple of pics from the upcoming 'Answered By Fire' and screen capped (again!) the theatrical version of 'The Two Towers' since for some reason, I never added those to the gallery, so you can find Faramir HERE. And finally, I also added one new picture from 'Three Dollars', which you can see below:
Enjoy yourself now!! [EDIT] I just got done adding a new skin which means you don't have to look at the bright one all the time. You can change your skin by looking to the bottom left of the navigation section. Hope you like the new one, too!
27____Can you believe that wenham-wonderland.net turned THREE years old on the 23rd?? I totally forgot about it!! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks (as ALWAYS) to all of you for visiting and showing interest in keeping the fandom alive!! <3

February 2006

07____Added one new affiliate tonight, the approved fanlisting for Ringcon!

March 2006

30____I added two new affiliates today, another David Wenham fansite & the Joseph Fiennes Connection!

April 2006

20____Hello everyone! I have a little tiny update tonight...Added two new caps of David from '300' thanks to Susanne who grabbed them from a costume video from the official 300 Journal Site (check under the April 4, 2006 heading). You can find the two caps HERE!
Also, I added a new entry to the Fan Centre and w-w.net is the site of the week over at Martinistyle.net!! And last, but certainly not least, we have a new affiliate, http://www.gerardbutler-es.com, a Spanish Gerard Butler site! :)

May 2006

01____Happy May everyone! Just this past week David's movie "Three Dollars" finally hit stateside at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Here's a smallish REVIEW of the film from TheOneRing.net! Also, I added the pictures that accompanied the article to the gallery and you can view them: HERE! I also added a new piece of work to the Fan Centre and added a new affiliate, Twilight and Shadow a Lord of the Rings forum.
04____Tonight I added several caps and images to the gallery for you all to enjoy! Of course, I love to give credit where it's due, and most of the images wouldn't be available to me if it weren't for Minkey and the lovely daisy_daily folks! So, onto the pics then, eh?

Since a complete run down of everything might take long, search all the new images". Here's a sampling:

Also, I am going to try and see if I can cap the Alex Lloyd video with Daisy, but in the mean time, if you haven't had the chance to not only see David in a music video (!), but check out some great music, too... CLICK!
21____I added some more pics to the gallery tonight, you will *definitely* enjoy them, trust me...

And here are the two best of it...

If you simply wish to see ALL of the new photos that have been added, please CLICK HERE!! Also, I added one new affiliate, a Peter Stormare Fansite!

June 2006

10____I added some new affiliates today, Looking for Joaquin Phoenix, a German Joaquin fansite and Kate Beckinsale Source! Check them out! Also, if you're keeping up with the World Cup (which I am), Australia plays on Monday against Japan, I'm sure Daisy will be watching, too! ^^;

July 2006

18____I imagine you all have noticed that the site had been "suspended" for quite some time, I wanted to apologise for that...I made a late payment and it took FOREVER for them to get the site back up for some reason. But all is right now, so...I added a new affiliate, Hugo Weaving @ Random Scribblings.net, a fansite for Mr Weaving. :)

August 2006

11____I know I've been rubbish at updating this site, I'm really sorry about that, but anyway...I added three new pics I found on the excellent GButler.net of David and his 300 co-star Gerard Butler at this year's Comic Con!

September 2006

07____For those of you who live in Canada, or who get the CBC, they will be starting the series 'Answered By Fire' on September 12! More? Thanks to the Daisy_Daily LJ community for the link.
20____As many are already aware, David's Crocodile Hunter co-star, and Australian national treasure, Steve Irwin passed away recently. A touching memorial service was held today in Beerwah, Queensland at the Australian zoo and our Mr Wenham was on hand to read a poem by poet Rupert McCall. If you'd like to see the streaming video, please click HERE (David is in part 8, specifically). There are also tributes from Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, and several members of Steve's family and best mates. I added two pictures gathered from Getty Images to the galleryas well.

  In the way of the telly, if you live in the states Dust will be showing on the Independent Film Channel on October 9 & 10 and Dark City will be showing on the Encore channel on the 22nd.

  And of course, we all know who'll be celebrating another year tomorrow! :)

EDIT: I am in the process of updating the info on the filmography and shop pages right now, there have been movies added! Also, I recently saw that David will be appearing at Collector Mania in London September 29 - October 1, so if you live over in the UK, get over there you lucky person, you!

November 2006

30____I'm really, REALLY sorry that the website has been suspended for like, the entire month, but as you can see I finally got it taken care of. I paid up a long time ago, but ... grrrrr....!!!

December 2006

01____I may be a little behind, seeing as how the site was down for SO LONG, but if you weren't aware, you can purchase the Steve Irwin Tribute dvd that aired in late September, which had, among many other lovely things, a poem read by David called "The Crocodiles are Crying". Please visit amazon.com for full detailed information.
02____I added two new affiliates to the site this afternoon: Liv Online: a Liv Tyler Fansite and Walk on Water, a LOTR graphics website.
And just in case you didn't know, according to The One Ring, a brand new 12-inch figure of Faramir has been unveiled by Sideshow Collectibles, and you can view it HERE and get information on pre-ordering.
I'm really, really sorry for the lack of updates over the months (maybe even the whole year in fact)...but I've been back in university and I also have a full time job...not trying to make excuses necessarily, just saying...
School break is coming up and I'd like to show the site a little love by cleaning it up a bit and maybe getting some new links in for his recent movies, including stuff from 300. If I can find some new pics, I'd like to add those as well. :) I hope people are still interested!!
05____Just wanted everyone to know that I have moved all the desktops from the actual site to the gallery, they all can be located HERE!

I've also added some new photos from some recent events: Marrakech Festival & Hisense Inside Film Awards!!

EDIT: @ 9:49 PM - Made a new layout and put it up! Check out the 3rd skin on the skins page! Hope you like it. :)


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