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David is such the non-Hollywood actor, so naturally, we know so little about his personal life. Which is just fine, because I don't believe in prying just because one is "famous". What you will find on this page is just your basics on the guy we lovingly call "Daisy". You won't find tabloid like material, just the facts that we could all find with the use of a good search engine.

The beginning . . .

Our David was born on September 21 in the year 1965 in Marrickville, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. (might have been easier to just say Australia, eh?) He was born to Bill and Kath Wenham and is the youngest of seven children! Peter, Helen, Anne, Carmel, Kathyrn, Maree, and David...they could make their own football team! (or baseball...but seeing as how Dave is the football nut, we'll go with that.)

The family man

David is married to Kate Agnew and is the proud father of two little girls, Eliza Jane and Millie.

A little background information

David grew up in a Catholic family. He was on the Autumn 1999 cover of Australian Catholics magazine. He may still practise the religion, but I am not positive.

David is involved in many charities including The Wayside Chapel, a organisation in the Sydney community in place to help others and known for it's "emphasis on self help recovery, and encouragement for all to speak and act on social issues".

He attended the Christian Brothers High School in Lewisham, Sydney and attended the University of Western Sydney and graduated from the Theatre Nepean. In 2009 he attended the first ever Lewo-Fest, which was a film festival held by Christian Brothers school. Student films were submitted, and David handed out the trophies to the winners.

Before making it big, he used to work as an insurance clerk and spent some time calling "Bingo" in Marrickville's Town Hall.

Now I know you might be wondering about that nickname, Daisy. Well, here is your answer, straight from the man himself!

"It's a very, very simple thing. It's an Australian thing, the old shortening of guys' names, from Gary to Gaz and whatever.
One of my sisters quite simply went from David to Dais and eventually a "y" was put on."

Other highly interesting tidbits!

Australian artist Adam Cullen painted a picture of David that won him the 2000 Archibald Prize. To see this portrait, click away!

David has also been nominated for, and won, several best actor awards for his work on television and in the movies:

Won a 2012 ASTRA award for best actor for "Killing Time". He was nominated in 2013 for Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor - Male for "Top of the Lake".

Nominated for a 2013 Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series for "Top of the Lake".

Nominated for a 2008 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for "300".

Nominated for eleven AFI (Australian Film Institute)/AACA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) awards, won three (best actor for "Simone de Beauvoir's Babies", "Gettin' Square" and "Answered By Fire")

Nominated for three IF (Inside Film Magazine) awards, won one (best actor for "Gettin' Square")

Nominated for four Logies (Australian TV awards), won one ('Silver Logie' for "SeaChange")

Won an Australian Comedy Award for "Gettin' Square"

Two Screen Actors Guild nominations for 'Best Ensemble Performance' for the last two "Lord of the Rings" films, won one for "Return of the King"

Nominated for five Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards, won one (best actor for "Gettin' Square")

2003 Green Room Award nominee for "True West"

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