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The Actor Factor is a Two-Way Street, Say Conti and Co -
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 9, 1999
"All three blokes cast in ART exude a casual air and look as though they may already be
the best of friends. John Waters, David Wenham and Tom Conti sat amiably side by side
yesterday to talk about the comedy that has drawn them together...."

Secret Men's Business -
The Sun Herald, March 14, 1999
"...said Wenham, 'Everyone has a different reaction to art. You can't say one person or one person's work is more valid than another person's.'"

Art of the Chameleon -
The Sunday Telegraph, March 21, 1999
"Wenham and his two co-stars, Tom Conti and John Waters, spent a day at the Art Gallery of NSW choosing a favourite piece of art -
something they could talk about and discuss in rehearsals later.... While the others selected interesting, possibly provocative works,
Wenham chose a waiter pouring champagne for a function in the gallery that day.... 'The objective was to find a piece of art we could
take home and hang on our wall," he says. "I thought the waiter would be very handy - you could bring him out whenever you needed
something poured.'"

Leaping Into the Breach -
The Australian, March 26, 1999
"It's about friendship and relies on a dynamic between three different people. Obviously John and Geoff bring different
things to the part and that's great. I can come to the play fresh again now."

All White on the Night -
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 9, 1999
David Wenham: "The play is essentially about what binds us together, and it's interesting that it's been written by a female;
her observations are spot on. But it's male behaviour in private - it's how men behave when they're with each other,
which is slightly different. Slightly."

Matters of the Art -
The Sunday Telegraph, April 11, 1999
"Geoff Morrell (a very polished performance for a late arrival to the cast) and David Wenham do only brilliant things as well."

All's Mostly White on the Night -
The Australian, April 12, 1999
"David Wenham's Yvan is indecisive, partly because he is sincerely friendly and partly because he is cringingly
self-obsessed. Such contradictions are at the heart of the play. You wonder how these three very different blokes became old friends."

Comrades See Red Over White Canvas -
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 12, 1999

Actors Show This is a Real Work of Art -
The Daily Telegraph, April 12, 1999
"David Wenham, who of late has attracted attention as a sex symbol for his portrayal of Diver Dan in TV's Seachange, is gorgeously
bumbling and neurotic as Yvan, the "fool" in the classic sense who must mediate between his two friends."

Profile: David Wenham -
NineMSN, April 25, 1999

Seeing clearly turns out to be something of an art -
The Financial Review, May 1, 1999
"Eventually, another mate, Yvan (David Wenham), turns up and is forced into the role of arbiter - a role for which the
weak-willed and anxious Yvan is poorly equipped. The result is a painful process exposing all the compromises which
friendship typically conceals."

A Timely Record -
Herald Sun, June 27, 1999

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