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The Bank
Melbourne, Australia

This beach scene was filmed in Port Melbourne.

Here's my shot of Port Melbourne from the Rialto. The cruise ship docked there is a ferry to Tasmania. You can park your car in it and travel 12 hours to get there.

Port Melbourne is north west of the Rialto Observation deck where I took these photos. Just diagonally opposite of Southbank on the other side of the city. It's the same bridge Jim and Michelle ride under in the motor boat on the way to Simon's party.

I also think Jim's condo is also along Port Melbourne. There are several nice high rise residential buildings along there. His unit faces the city. The front of the building faces the sea.

In this early scene in the movie, we see Simon and his people walking and talking about innovative ideas. Outside the office building window we can see the spire of the Victorian Arts Centre, where Cyrano De Bergerac was staged.

Slightly to the left of it is the National Gallery. Just above the theatre is Sturt street where the Malthouse theatre is (David Wenham did a staged reading back in March 2005). The Ballet Center is across that street, but there's a walkway from the Arts Centre (see Murray Whelan page for more photos on the Ballet Centre and the National Gallery). If you were to walk along Sturt Street towards the bottom of the photo, you'd walk under the walkway and end up on Southbank.

Speaking of the Rialto before (and before and before....) the establishing shots of Simon's office building are the Rialto, though, the interior shots above where you see the Arts Centre are not filmed in the Rialto. There's no way to see that angle from those buildings. So either the view is artificially produced, or they used a different building to shoot that scene.

Here's my shot of the Rialto from Southbank (just outside of the Crown Casino):

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