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Blackberry Store Opening
Sydney, February 2009

Lease of Life -
Sydney Morning Herald, February 6, 2009
"David Wenham played master of ceremonies, fresh from the set of
The Lord Of My Ringtone and a veritable symphony of Titian and Tommy
Hilfiger. He seemed a curious choice, partly because he was so
distractingly dashing it was difficult to keep focus on the shiny
new BlackBerry office but largely because we didn't think mobile
phone coverage in Middle Earth was actually very good."

Psst -
Sydney Morning Herald, February 7, 2009
"Who would have guessed that David Wenham was a closet Bananarama fan?
Certainly not one of the band's founders, Siobhan Fahey, who looked a
little bewildered after being introduced to Wenham at Tuesday night's
BlackBerry party. And how did the cool, calm and collected heart-throb react?
Like a giggling schoolgirl on a first date."

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