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Cyrano De Bergerac

Promotional flyer

David's Bio -
Melbourne Theatre Company Cyrano Programme

A Winner By a Nose -
Melbourne Theatre Company Booklet, 2005

Melbourne Theatre Company Booklet, 2005

The Bulging Artifice of a Well-Versed Romantic -
The Age, February 12, 2005

David Knows Best -
The Herald Sun, February 19, 2005

Character Building -
The Weekend Australian, February 19, 2005

Review -
The Age, February 24, 2005

Review -
The Age, February 25, 2005

Nose for a Compelling Romance -
The Australian, February 25, 2005
"The success of this play rests largely on the lead character's interpretation of the word "panache" and Wenham was a
perfect incarnation of the lovelorn hero. Onstage for nearly the entire five acts, and almost unrecognisable with his
prosthetic proboscis, long brown tresses and moustache, his presence was mesmerising.... Hand-picked by director Simon
Phillips to play literature's most passionate hero, a man 'who looks like a circus act but is stuffed full of poetry',
Wenham moved deftly between silken words and acerbic ripostes and delivered a performance of intense conviction."

Review -
Theatre Notes, February 26, 2005

Cyrano De Bergerac Opening Night -
The Herald Sun, February 27, 2005
"Wenham was in sparkling form as the swordsman, poet, philosopher and hopeless romantic Cyrano,
who is cursed with an enormous nose.... Wenham, one of Australia's most accomplished actors, admitted
he was looking forward to taking a break after Cyrano finishes its Melbourne season in early April.
'I am not going to do anything. I've got no plans. I have my head completely focused on this at the moment,'
he said after his three-hour opening night performance."

Minkey's Review -
March 19, 2005

Big hats and noses mean big laughs -
The Blurb

Review, March 6, 2005

Review - Lisa Pham, March 26, 2005:
David Wenham as Cyrano is brilliant of course, but weren’t you expecting that? His ability to impersonate
a range of characters by a simple vocal change in tone, accent or inflexion is remarkable. Wenham’s
onstage presence is powerful in his ability to portray Cyrano as a great swordsman and masterful poet,
as well as a vulnerable human being wanting to be loved."

Whispers -
Sunday Herald Sun, April 3, 2005

Review by ViBer Kirstie Gregory:
If the wonderful play was not enough on script alone Cyrano is played by perhaps Australia's real favourite
leading man, David Wenham. For me he walks all over your more NW friendly Heaths and Hughs and his performance
here is simply outstanding. In the final scenes we feel he has become the best friend one would do anything to hold onto."

Monumental Story

MTC Hold Garage Sale -
Aussie Theatre.com, September 28, 2006:
"Among the more notable items that will be on sale are: - David Wenham’s swashbuckling costumes from
Cyrano de Bergerac (MTC 2005)...."

Making a Scene -
The Age, October 6, 2006
"...and tomorrow the Melbourne Theatre Company turfs out David Wenham's costumes from Cyrano de Bergerac...."

MTC Garage Sale -
Is Not Magazine, October 6, 2006

Melbourne Theatre Company Garage Sale -
Listen Now, October 11, 2006
"Everything from trays of fake lamingtons to David Wenham's trousers, his costume from a production of
Cyrano de Bergerac, were up for grabs at this theatrical garage sale."

Suit Tops MTC Sale -
The Herald Sun, October 15, 2006
"THE Melbourne Theatre Company's annual garage sale raised $30,000 with the highest bid coming by email
from an American woman who bought David Wenham's Cyrano suit for $2000."

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