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After the Deluge
Melbourne, Australia

There are a few things in Deluge that I caught. One in particular is the The Prince Hotel, which is located near St. Kilda Beach, which is southwest of the center of the city. St. Kilda is known for it's cafes. I had a very unique looking, but extremely delicious pizza from one of the places along Fitzroy Avenue.

You can find a photograph of the hotel on the Prince Hotel website

It's on Fitzroy Street. I stumbled upon it as I was walking to the beach. What caught my eye was the wallpaper inside one of the windows.

Here are Alex and Toby at the window. Look at what's just to the right of Toby just before the window frame:

Here's my photo of the window in question:

Another shot I took of the hotel:

Southbank makes an appearance again. For anyone who's thoroughly confused, Southbank is basically a very nice area along the south bank of the Yarra River close to the city center. There are shops and restaurants. As you go west along that section you hit the Crown Casino and the Exhibition Centre that I mentioned on the Simone De Beauvior's Babies location page. Here's a photo I took from the Rialto Observation deck:

The black building on the right that's cut off...That's another one I mentioned on the Babies page that was to be the new tallest building in Melbourne. I'm sure it's completed by now. Filming of the office scenes in After the Deluge took place inside this building, called the Eureka Towers. The film crew set up their base of operations on the ground floor, and the scenes in Alex's office were actually filmed in a real architectural firm (Katsalidis).

The round building toward the left side of the photo (east) is the Sydney Myer Music Bowl, which is a part of the Victorian Arts Centre. Behind one of the red buildings you can see the spire from main Arts Centre, which houses the Playhouse, where Cyrano De Bergerac was performed. Here's my photo of that building:

Here's info on the Victorian Arts Centre:

Behind the Arts Centre is the Ballet Centre, which is where they filmed The Brush Off. And next door to the Arts Centre is the National Gallery of Victoria, also a location for that film (see Murray Whelan page).

The bridge to the left of the music hall in the shot of Southbank has been used in another scene from Deluge. Here's a shot from the movie:

In the scene where Toby and Alex are discussing their father, they're sitting along Southbank. This shot shows them with the buildings in the heart of the city on the north bank of the Yarra.

Here's my shot of the north bank from a different angle:

I was actually standing outside the Melbourne Aquarium when I took that shot. That's where Robert Connolly sent David, Frances O'Connor and their young co-star of Three Dollars to go bond. I didn't venture in, as I had spent time at Sydney's aquarium a week prior.

Here's another shot of Southbank. I'm not sure where Alex and Toby sat, but it was somewhere along the tree lined area:

In the scene where Beth tells Toby the good news about her pregnancy, the train he arrives in says, Flinders Street.

Flinders Street Station is one of the "best known train stations in Australia." It was built in 1854. It's located on the north bank of the Yarra. In my photo of the north bank, you can see the station in the distance (yellow brick with the clock tower). Here's a closer shot that I took, which only shows a small section of it. It's a pretty long building that spans a few blocks:

As for the parks we see in the film, I suspect at least one scene took place at Fawkner Park. I can't say exactly, but it does look like it. It's the scene when young Alex is crying under a tree. His father finds him and reassures him that he's just lost and that everything will be all right. Then he carries Alex on his shoulder through a tree lined area. To me it looks very much like Fawkner Park.

Here is my photo:

I did see the courthouses while on the tram one day, but did not have my camera handy. It's a shame as I did see people with the official wigs walking and talking outside.

And lastly in Deluge...the Lamingtons.

It took me ages to find one in the bakeries. I think it's something that's made at home, possibly for the kids. I did find a couple of bakeries that sold them. They're huge! The first time I saw one, I wasn't hungry enough for it. The second time was when I was staying over in Sydney after I missed my flight. So I decided to take pictures as I partook in it. It's not as moist inside as I thought it would be, but it was still delicious.

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