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That Eye, The Sky

"...Ort (David Wenham), now recovered from meningitis, provides a beguilingly naive
yet perceptive commentary on the events. Much of this play is about his difficult
transition from boy to man, engaging along the way with life's perplexing paradoxes
and enigmas.... In short, strong performances (particularly by Roxburgh, Lycos and
Wenham) combine with a potent directorial vision and script to make this a definite
festival highlight."

Dazzling Debuts -
The Sun Herald, January 9, 1994
"Ort - grave, single minded and doggedly loyal - is the pivotal character of this play.
Wenham is the lynch pin of this performance ensemble. And one of the joys of this production
is the quality of ensemble performance that director Richard Roxburgh has achieved."

Testing the Limits of Theatre Takes Edge off Heat -
The Sydney Morning Herald, January 10, 1994
"And being a rite-of-passage story, there is much that is tender and fragile in That Eye,
The Sky, as young Ort (David Wenham) journeys from childhood into adolescence, where the
world's strangeness and ineffableness are experienced as hostile and inexplicable, and as
transcending and glorious."

Putting the magic back into theatre -
The Age, October 6, 1994
"In a physically demanding innovation, the entire cast remain on stage throughout the play,
moving sets, creating effects and soundscapes when they are not in character. Ort, played by
28-year-old David Wenham, conveys his thoughts and the story's essence to the audience through
his conversations with a cloud hovering above him, that he perceives as the eye of God."

Ort to be Fabulous -
The Herald Sun, October 8 1994

A Wondering Soul Afloat -
The Age, October 14, 1994
"For the unsophisticated Ort, the world is both beautiful and baffling,
strange and wondrous. Those qualities of mystery and wonder are caught in
turn, both by David Wenham who plays the part and by Roxburgh (in the
double role of actor and director) and his cast of eight.... The cast
work essentially as a team, some at the edges of the story and
some much closer to the dramatic centre - most notably, David Wenham in
the role of Ort, Rachel Szalay as his one-time hippie mother, and Richard
Roxburgh as the tattered preacher in search of redemption."

An Eye for Vision and Stagecraft -
The Herald Sun, October 17, 1994:
"This production by Sydney's Burning House theatre company was jointly devised by the entire cast,
led by director, actor and joint adaptor, Richard Roxburgh.... The result is a mesmeric theatrical
canvas which is both stylistically innovative and powered by a strong underlying sense of Tim Winton's
novel's storyline."

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