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Free Trade

Save TV culture, stars tell PM -
The Australian, May 4, 2001
"Cate Blanchett, David Wenham, Sigrid Thornton, Geoffrey Rush, Lisa McCune
and Judy Davis are among more than 40 actors who have expressed 'grave concern'
about the possible reduction in regulations governing TV in the letter, sent to
the Prime Minister on Wednesday."

Actors push for protection of Aust TV content -
ABC News, May 21, 2001
"Five prominent actors have secured a commitment from the Federal Opposition
to protect Australian content requirements on commercial television....
Ruth Cracknell, Bryan Brown, Susie Porter, David Wenham and Susan Lyons say
the Prime Minister appears to be too busy to discuss their concerns with him...."

Actors in push for local TV content -
The Age, May 22, 2001
"Bryan Brown, Ruth Cracknell, Susie Porter and David Wenham led the charge, which followed
suggestions by Trade Minister Mark Vaile last month that regulations on local content
could be up for negotiation in a free trade agreement with the United States."

Japanese Story Scoops AFI's -
ABC, NOvember 21, 2003

The trouble with our stories -
The Age, November 25, 2003

Fair or Foul -
The Age, November 26, 2003

Lobbyists Look for ALP Spine -
Workers Online, June 25, 2004

"Implications of Trade Misunderstood" -
The Sydney Morning Herald, June 30, 2004

How about a support role for actors, Mr Latham -
The Sun Herald, August 1, 2004

FTA Struggle: Trading of Content and Culture -
Friends of the ABC, September 2004

Labor struts its artistic promise with $175m -
The sydney Morning Herald, September 15, 2004

Arts and Minds -
The Sydney Morning Herald, September 18, 2004

Australian content faces a changed landscape -
The Sydney Morning Herald, January 6, 2006

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