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The Heroes
Sydney, Australia

On to Darling Harbour, and the Maritime Museum.

My pic from the Sydney Skytower.

Here is my photo of the Krait which is docked there. You can see the Sydney skyline and the Skytower in the background, where I took my overhead shots of the city.

The Krait was a Japanese fishing boat that was used in a covert operation during WWII to blow up Japanese battleships docked in a Singapore harbor. The operation was called Jaywick. The story was made into a few films. One of which was called "The Heroes" (1987). This was one of David's first movies (made for TV, I believe).

Anyone who has seen SeaChange might have noticed the photograph of a young Diver Dan dressed in a sailor's uniform. It's a strong possibility that the photo was taken while filming this scene above. The photo below is from SeaChange.

Here's another shot from "The Heroes"

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