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See Changes -
Who, June 8, 1998

A New Sex Symbol Surfaces -
The Advertiser, July 29, 1998
"In just 12 weeks, he's become Australian television's 'thinking woman's sex symbol' -
though the guy who's set hearts aflutter as Diver Dan in ABC-TV's SeaChange is not big on
opinions of what it takes to make one a 'hot item'. The thoughtful, softly spoken David Wenham
regards himself simply as an actor (who has a partner) delivering the very best he can with the
material provided. As Wenham sees it, he is co-star alongside Sigrid Thornton - the respected name
on which the producers (Artist Services-ABC) sold the series.... 'She's a very giving actor and
brings so much to her role.'"

Cassandra's Funny Pin-Up Boy -
The Herald Sun, July 29, 1998
"Cassandra Magrath is a huge fan of David Wenham and describes him as 'just sensational'
to work with. The 16-year-old plays Panda, the daughter of Laura (Sigrid Thornton) in
SeaChange. 'David is wonderful and funny and deserves to be a sex symbol,' Magrath says."

Dan Dan the Ladies' Man -
The Sydney Morning Herald, August 1, 1998
"I'm delighted because it's the most wonderful piece of writing I'd seen in
television. Working with Sigrid was just a joy. I miss our lunches."

SeaChange Sizzles -
Women's Weekly, February ?, 1999

Coping with Sea Change -
The Herald Sun, March 31, 1999
"'I love the character (of Diver Dan) so it's hard for me to be objective,' he says.
'It was quite a long journey for me, too, to eventually locate him. I began by looking
as far away from myself as possible and it didn't work. There was no resonance. So it
came back closer to myself.'"

Character Reference -
Harper's Bazaar, April 1999

Cool Change -
TV Week, June 26, 1999

Winds of Change -
TV Extra, June 27, 1999

The kiss two million viewers waited for -
The Herald Sun, August 30, 2006
"'David was an absolute joy to work alongside -- everyone on SeaChange would agree he's a delight,
always good-natured, good-humoured, a lot of fun.' Thornton, a veteran of our screen industry voted
"Australia's Most Beautiful Face" by Woman's Day readers in 1990, says there was a lot of build-up to
the kiss, not just for viewers but also the actors. 'Though there was a lot of expectation in the scene
for us, we were relaxed in one another's company, so it was very easy, an extremely pleasant scene to shoot.'"

Unmissable Aussie TV classics from Kath & Kim
and Underbelly to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo -
News.com.au, January 22, 2014

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