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Shane Maloney Telemovies: The Brush Off

The political intrigue will be televised -
Trades Hall

Wenham red-faced -
Herald Sun
, January 16, 2004:
"AFI winner David Wenham (above) and funnyman Mick Molloy were shooting scenes
for the Channel 7 telemovie The Brush Off, with Hollywood actor Sam Neill in
the director's chair, at Southbank yesterday morning. The crew collapsed with
laughter when Wenham smeared tomato sauce all over his face while trying to eat
a sausage roll."

When Simple Murder Stirs the Passions -
The Daily Telegraph, May 21, 2004

Murder He Wrote -
The Canberra Times, August 30, 2004

Partners in Crime -
September 2, 2004

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