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The Tale of the Tiger

Bright Spots -
The Sydney Morning Herald, February 6, 1992
"The play, set in China during the Cultural Revolution but rewritten after the Tiananmen Square massacre, is
a metaphor for overcoming repression. When the soldier with his gammy leg stumbles into a cave for shelter, he
encounters a tigress and her cub. 'Against impossible odds, this unlikely trio rouse the people to defeat invading
armies,' the publicity says.... With David Wenham (who starred in The Boys and more recently The Headbutt )as the
soldier (and co-director, with Anni Finsterer), this promises to be a riveting night of theatre."

Cub plays in Australia while Tiger Prowls at Home -
The Sydney Morning Herald, February 11, 1992
"'It's so simple and it has enormous comic possibilities for an actor. It's all about relaying a story to an audience
with nothing but your voice and your body. I did some background research on Chinese history, but I can't be Dario Fo
and I can't be a Chinese peasant, so I think it's a matter of letting the story tell itself - it's a universal story.'"

Tiger Short a few Stripes -
The Sydney Morning Herald, February 14, 1992

A One Man Showpiece -
The Sun Herald, Feburary 16, 1992

Just outside the Limelight -
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 18, 2006

How to Be a Player -

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