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Sydney, Australia

While compiling this website I searched through my photographs to find a nice one for the Locations page. I came across this picture:

This is a photo of David Wenham during an interview promoting Three Dollars.I chose this image, because of the view of Sydney behind him, including The Powerhouse Museum, where the Lord of the Rings Exhibit was on display, while I was there. You also can see The Monorail and Darling Harbour.

Then I realized something.... This is a similar view that I had from my hotel room. This is strictly a coincidence, I assure you. I booked the hotel because it had a good rate. And anyway, from the angle of David's photo it looks like he wasn't in the hotel but probably a nearby building.

Here's my view:

The hotel was in Haymarket. Further in the background is Darling Harbour, where the Maritime Museum is, which is where the Krait is docked (see The Heroes location page). Closer to the hotel is Chinatown and the Powerhouse Museum. From my balcony on the right I could see some buildings from downtown Sydney.

Not only was it a nice view, it also reveals a location that was used in Tran the Man.

For anyone who doesn't know, Tran the Man (1993) was one of David's early short film projects. It was made by Rowan Woods, who also directed the movie The Boys, which also starred (and was co-produced by David Wenham). The movie is among the extra features on The Boys (region 4, Australian) DVD, and is also up on Google video.

Tran the Man has now been rewritten by Woods and his wife Jacqueline Perske, and made into a major motion picture titled Little Fish, starring Kate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving.

In this scene from the short film, you see Roy's (Rowan Woods') henchman sitting in front of a cafe with a reflection of a unique building and the monorail.

That building is just across the street from the hotel. You can see it over the railing on the left of my photo on the top of this page (and in the photo of David). Just after the red building behind it you can see the monorail track, which runs past the Powerhouse Museum.

The interesting thing about that shot from the film is that in order for the monorail to run like it did over the cafe, and yet see the building, he'd have to have been sitting at an angle. Either that or they did some post production tricks to make it look that way.

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