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Valonz Salon

Hair's to Fame and Success -
The Sun Herald, April 29, 2001
"David Wenham: 'A relaxing environment where, after a cup of coffee and a flick
through magazines, I will leave with a haircut that puts a smile on my face.'"

Valonz hair salon, 20th anniversary lunch -
The Daily Telegraph, August 27, 2006
"We were given an exclusive peak of what to expect and the roll call of big names
was impressive. Toni Collette, Miranda Otto, Alex Dimitriades, David Wenham, Joel
Edgerton, John Palermo, Pia Miranda, and Leo Sayer were among the famous faces."

Food of the Gods -
In Style, December 2006

"'I grew up in Marrickville [Sydney] and this reminds me of my next-door-neighbours
who cooked Greek food all the time,' [Wenham] says, tucking into another plate of moussaka."

Pampering Adds New Curl to Salons -
The Australian, December 5, 2007

Summer Looks a Cut Above -
The Daily Telegraph, December 23, 2007

David Wenham in Killing Time -
Renya's Blog, November 18, 2011

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