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The Wayside Chapel

An Ambassador's Story -
The Wayside Chapel website

The Wayside Chapel, Our People

Arts Festival Ready to Rattle 'n Roll -
Kings Cross Times, September 24, 2004

Three-Ring Cash Register -
The Sydney Morning Herald, October 16, 2004
"...on Thursday opened an arts exhibition attended by, among others, the Chapel's ambassador, David Wenham."

Star Supports Chapel -
The Sunday Telegraph, October 17, 2004

Vintage Fashion Falling by the Wayside for a Cause -
MXS, September 13, 2005
"It will be followed by a celebrity fashion auction, showcasing a red feather
boa donated by Cathy Freeman, a signed Moulin Rouge! T-shirt from Nicole Kidman,
a pair of Steve Waugh's jeans, and a pair of shoes worn by David Wenham."

Pre-Loved Goods -
The Sydney Morning Herald, September 13, 2005

Stars with Hearts -
Women's Weekly, December 20005>

Spin Doctor -
The Australian, August 18, 2007
"Actor David Wenham, a Wayside ambassador, urged budding buskers and seasoned professional musicians
to lend their weight to the campaign. 'Our charity is run on donations and public sponsors, which is why
events like this are so important to keep the chapel open.'"

Wayside Chapel Faces Safety Crunch -
Alternative Media, November 12, 2009

UrsaClemenger launches 'Love Over Hate' multi-media campaign for The Wayside Chapel -
Campaign Brief.com, April 8, 2011

Breaking campaign: Every child is born innocent -
B&T, April 8, 2011

A Walk on the Wayside -
Sydney Central, August 16, 2011
"As part of the celebrations for its newly redeveloped building, a verbatim theatre production Stories from
Wayside has been produced. The show will feature eight stories from Wayside’s visitors, volunteers, and staff....
A few a-list celebrities such as actors David Wenham, Claudia Karvan and MP Malcolm Turnbull are attending the opening."

A Big Day For ... Wayside Chapel
Sydney Morning Herald, August 19, 2011

No Falling by the Wayside for this Revamped Institution -
Sydney Morning Herald, May 19, 2012

Kilimanjaro for Wayside Facebook wall post - September 5, 2012

Taking the Long Way on Politics -
Sydney Morning Herald, August 1, 2013

Thousands turn out for community lunches -
Ninemsn, December 25, 2013

Malcolm Turnbull's rock star welcome at Christmas street party at Wayside Chapel -
Sydney Morning Herald, December 25, 2015

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