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Songs From the Yellow Bedroom

David Wenham as Vincent Van Gogh at Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts 2006 -
Adelaide Festival.com, February 2006
"Conceived by Richard Wherrett, developed with Brett Sheehy and David Wenham through
a workshop in 2000, and entrusted to Harry M. Miller just weeks before Wherrett's death
in 2001, the Festival is thrilled to announce Wenham's continuing association with the work."

Art and About -
The Courier Mail, February 15, 2006
"YES please . . . David Wenham in anything at all, but how about David Wenham as Vincent Van Gogh.
The splendid actor will perform in Songs from the Yellow Bedroom, a staged reading of Van Gogh's
letters to his brother, Theo. An idea of the late Richard Wherrett, the performance will be directed
and adapted by Adam Cook for the Adelaide Festival in March.

Hail the Lord of letters -
The Sunday Mail, February 26, 2006

In a World Class of It's Own... -
The Sunday Mail, February 26, 2006
"WITH David Wenham on board providing the star turn, this musical tribute to Mahler and Van Gogh is going
to be the real late bloomer in the Festival program and box office.... TC boss Adam Cook will direct the work
as Wenham reads letters from Van Gogh's prolific 1880s period."

David walks on the Festival's wild side -
The Advertiser, March 3, 2006

A Curious Conglomeration -
The Advertiser, March 6, 2006
"Beyond Wenham's skilful presence, and a chair or two for props, it was a little difficult to discern what
actually constituted this much-vaunted 'theatrical production'."

Van Gogh and Mahler in Parallel Universes -
The Australian, March 6, 2006
"Delivered with engrossing conviction by actor David Wenham, the readings laid bare Van Gogh's passionate idealism,
his love of colour and nature, and his knowledge of his encroaching insanity. But juxtaposed against Mahler's music,
the readings only served to highlight fundamental differences of personality and artistic purpose."

Mahler Meets Van Gogh -
The Age, March 7, 2006
"With his earthy intensity, David Wenham is ideally suited to play Van Gogh. The passages from his letters
are chosen not as biography, but as explorations of his deepening engagement with his art and philosophy."

Talking Head Left Sitting at the Bar -
The Advertiser, March 7, 2006
"Byrne's spot at the bar was taken later in the evening by David Wenham, who has everyone
raving about his performance in Songs from the Yellow Bedroom."

Bullet-Point Byrne Starts Making Sense -
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 8th, 2006:

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