Wenham Wonderland
Site Awards

Below are the awards that wenham-wonderland.net has won
and gifts received!

From Sean Bean: Sharpe As Ever

From The Battle for Middle Earth

November 2003 2nd place winner from Glorified Antifan Havens

From Whispers From the Ring

From A'mael Taren: February

From Beyblade's World

From Land of Periannath: Round 3

From The Valar Awards
Round Three Winner of Nienna-Best Actor/Actress Site

November 2004 'Site of the Month' at Alqulonde

From Carnë …dain

February 2005 'Site of the Month' at Urbanism

Leaves of Gold



From Chrissy

From Morwen Lуmien

From Adriana

From Ororuthiel


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