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For all you LiveJournal people out there, now you can have your very own black & white David mood theme!
To download the 'moods', click the link you will find below.

Please remember to download and save to your own sever, no hotlinking please! The directions are within the zip file you download.

These were made by made by Lilith!

For more information, please visit this link.

David Mood Theme - (click to download the zip file!)

More Icons:

If you use them, please do not hotlink and please give credit where it is due.

LiveJournal/Forum Icons

Made by Chrissy

These below are from other LiveJournals...here comes the praise and credit!

really beautiful icons!! she was kind enough to let me use them here!!
Boromir, I know, but it's still lovely!!



Sedaleya donated the following icons to the site! We thank you kindly!

Made by Amanda! Thank you!

Donated by the lovely Intervain! Thanks a ton!!

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